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16 June
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there's more to me than my bra size or the color of my thong. i respect myself, and you should too. all because i'm not a virgin that doesn't mean i'm a slut. try to get into these pants and you'll get bitchslapped. this heart is already taken.

don't think you know who the fuck i am because you read these words. text on a screen doesn't classify as knowing me. i'm not cocky, it's called selfconfidence. i don't need to list all the bands i like so you think i'm cool. i am cool, 'nuff said. i will walk into a room acting like i own the place because i do. i love taking pictures of myself. vanity can kill, but at least you die pretty.

i'm not afraid to fight. i will never take the first hit because i want you to know who took the first hit when you're lying on the ground. you either love me or hate me, either way i'm not here to please you.

i won't change myself to fit into your "standards." i'm me, nothing more, nothing less. not everyone is going to like me and i'm perfectly content knowing that. you can't please everyone. &keep in mind that you don't know me. i fight my own battles. i am not a punk. prep. jock. goth. geek. nerd. or whatever the fuck you can label someone. i'm just stephanie.

okay, maybe i'm 99%dork but i'm still cool.

i may be typical. i may be crazy. i may be nothiing special at all, but i rather be nothing special than a fake something. it's taken me 18 years to figure out the curves on this body and the way this mind works. these words are MINE. these pictures are MINE. go find your own identity before you try to be someone you're not.

i AM: spunky. paradoxical. introspective. eccentric. anomalous. reclusive. 18. very petite 5'2 to be exact, but i could probably beat you up. crafty, perverse, and imaginative. im not a bitch, but i stand up for myself and what i believe in.

this journal is 98% public. 2%friends only.
if i do not find your journal interesting, i'm not going to add you. i'm not going to clutter my friends' pages with entries i could care less about. but if you're cool enough, you'll be added to the filter.


i wish people would stop telling me i can do anything. i never thought i couldn't.