danceitallaway (danceitallaway) wrote,

adderal hasn't worked.
i still can't sit still.
and time is running out. so many tests, so little time.
my heart is heavy and beating hard.
i cannot get him out of my head.
5more days and it's 20 months.
if we go down, we go down together.

it's 4:52am.
in the past 3 days, i think i've gotten about 6 hours of sleep total. i have a test today at 12pm and i'm not even close to ready. but i just don't care anymore. i can't read or study or concentrate in any way. i probably won't be sleeping this whole week which makes everything just more dandy. &i'll be okay, because i always am.

i guess i should start getting ready for school.
no, i still haven't looked at my notes or read any of the readings.
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