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i still haven't replied to comments and i apologize. i am working on trying to get back to everyone, but i'm throwing too many unnecessary events in my life. in the past few days, i don't think i've been alone much, besides to sleep. i want to share the stories about these other boys that i have in my life that consume all my life now, but i'm trying to find the right words to use.

i am so tired of girls drowning themselves in chick flicks and believing guys are really supposed to be their savior. reality check: you are alone in this world. we all die alone, i don't care if you have 29384723984 people at your funeral, you're lying in that coffin, alone.

so why do you spend years trying to find the one? want love? get a puppy. that's pure loyalty there, not to mention alll love too. but no. you spend your time analzying every word they say, every move. you are so pathetic.

bitter? no. i'm just tired of girls who think they are nothing. sweetheart, you have so much to live for. i'm not saying go out and have the mentality "fuck boys," because that gets you no where either. go out, have fun, let the boys come to you.

and stop giving yourself away to every boy you think is "perfect." no one is perfect, not even bernard. have some self respect. i need to learn how to take my own advice.

a lot of you think you're older than you really are, so this should all make sense to you. slow yourself down before jumping into a relationship, because i feel like so many people fall into relationships because of the fear of being alone forever. but if you can make yourself happy first, you don't need anyone else.

for everyone wondering, no, bernard and i are still together.
119days till our twoyear anniversary and it's going to get wild.

so, as you can tell, i'm pretty much back now.
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